C.G. Ryche
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C.G. Ryche’s Percussion Rig is any drummers paradise. This mammoth 37 piece percussion rig that has been assembled to meet the many needs of Ryche diverse and versatile music style. With a “Eastern Flair” C.G.’s rig is much different than a American drum set you’re used to seeing and incorporates five different cultures of percussion, African, Brazilian, Cuban, Japanese & American drums. It takes about 40 minutes to set up and cost more than most cars. C.G.‘s rig is comprised of mostly stock equipment, but several things are custom made exclusively for Ryche. C.G. proudly uses Remo Percussion, Paiste Cymbals, Gibraltar Hardware, Vic Firth Drumsticks and Rhythms Afro instruments. Sitting 10’ wide, 9’ deep and 8’ high Ryche’s percussion rig is one of the most innovative and reconcilable Drum Sets in the world.



This one of C.G. favorite instruments, the “Udu-Igaba”. This beautiful instrument from the Igbo tribe from Nigeria, this one was specially made for C.G. by Joe Agu, Owner & Friend of Afro-Rhythms and was given to him back in 2006. Afro-Rhythms is a great company, with very authentic and beautiful African instruments. Ryche uses many of Joe’s instruments on his Recording including, Slit-Drums, Zimbi’s, Oji’s and many different types of Udu’s.



When it comes to Drumstick, one of the biggest & best names in the industry is “Vic Firth”. These timbale sticks bare C.G. Ryche & Logo on the shaft and are a special 1/2 inch and is 17 inches long. This allows a very defined tone when playing cascara patterns, especially in Rock or Funk numbers. By far the “Best Timbale stick” on the market.



C.G. Ryche is very fortunate to have very special Drumheads made for him. These are a custom double-ply Black Suede with the Corey Miller Tattoo print on them are made by Remo. Ryche is good friends with Corey and loves the innovation of these Drumheads that bring a defined visual to this rig and insightful meaning to C.G. These heads have a very warm & powerful depth to them, and helps C.G. in his tribal approach to his visionary approach to percussion.



C.G. Ryche is Internationally known on a Djembe. The Axe of Choice, 14” - Infinity Mondo Djembe. Light, distinct tonality and great bass. C.G. fits this drum with a Black Skindeep Djembe drumhead. This Djembe is very versatile for acoustic & unplugged scenarios. Ryche has a special mount attached to his Djembe’s and uses a special guitar strap to perform the special acrobatic and showmanship that C.G. is known for.



The framework to this massive arsenal of percussion is a rack system from Gibraltar. Designed by C.G. Ryche, this rack system is off the shelf parts and hardware. No company on the plant has better hardware or more options than Gibraltar. Every attachment or stand on this rig is made by Gibraltar. It’s a “One-Stop-Shop” to help you build the set-up of your dreams.



As the Flagship instrument for any percussion rig is the congas & bongos. Ryche play’s the Remo “Poncho Sanchez” signature congas & bongos fitted with his exclusive graphics designed by C.G. himself. These have a large belly & mouth to them which lends to a warm, rich powerful tone that really sings. All of his Congas & Bongos are fitted with “SkynDeep - Crimplock Symmetry” in the Black Calfskin. Sizes are 11’/11.75”/12.50”/13” (Congas) 7.5"/9" (Bongos)



These beautiful Black cymbals are the “Paiste Signature Series” custom made for C.G. with a Black finish with Red writing. The Signature Series is what you hear on every recording C.G. ever been on & are the best cymbals in the world. Ryche's gong is a 32" symphonic which has amazing attack an incredible warmth.



The Remo “Starfire” drumheads are refined with a mirror finish that can be played on. C.G. uses “Starfire Drumheads” for the back side of his toms and 12” Repeq.



One of the most interesting parts of any percussionist rig, is the assorted toys they use for their embellishments to their art. With wind-chimes from China, bean pods from Chile, African & Brazilian shakers and Re-bar caps from Home Depot, Ryche has a arsenal of instruments to put the finishing touches to any sound scape.

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