C.G. Ryche
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The Signiture Sound & Artistry of C.G. Ryche is Now Available!

You can now have the Tribal sounds of internationally recognized multi-percussionist & established artist C.G. Ryche on your next recording. No matter where you live, Ryche can now record on your next album remotely, C.G. own's a working recording studio to track everything from, Taikos, Surdos, Congas, Timbales, & Djembes, etc. up to 96K/24bit.

C.G. can also come in to your studio if you live in the LA area. Shooting a music video, C.G. bring a rig that will impress and perform to your needs, or better yet, C.G. can helm your video project through C.G. Ryche Films. Ryche is a world-class drum choreographer that can assemble a rhythm unit of Afro-Cuban, African, Brazilian, Chinese or Japanese drumming for your video or event.

"Rhythm should be the heartbeat of our imgination" - C.G. Ryche

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