C.G. Ryche is an award winning composer. Known for his tribal, etherial soundscapes & world-class drumming from around the globe, Ryche is heavily influenced by many europian artists including, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Enigma, Seal as well as american artist like Evanescence, Linkin Park, Queensryche, and Whitesnake. Ryche also composes for film and licenses his music for the motion picture industry. 

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This is C.G. Ryche's Debut album and is the one that started it all. Etherial and tribal sounds are integrated with the world-class drumming of C.G. Ryche. A true fan favorite featuring some of his most popular songs including: Drums of War, Tribe, Myst, Urban Faith & Echoes of Silence.


Passages is the second album from C.G. Ryche and is one of his most visionary. More edgy and mystic feel, passages takes you down the roads of imagination with notable traks including: Passages, Vanishing Point, The Flood, Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here amd Sade's No Ordinary Love.

Imaginarium Cover_F.jpg

C.G. Ryche's third album is a scenic masterpiece of musical vignettes. This ablum soar's with epic soundscaps and intimate compositions and features some of C.G.'s biggest hits including: I See You, Return to Middle Earth, Thge Heart of a Warrior, In your Eyes and the Phil Collin's #1 hit, In the Air, Tonight.