C.G. Ryche
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Visionary Recording Artist, Award-Winning Filmmaker & Master Percussionist C.G. Ryche is a one of a kind artist, with a one of a kind vision. Ryche is viewed by the industry as a true “Renaissance Man”, from Writing & Directing films to combining Stage Production, Drum Choreography and multimedia into the live concert experience, C.G. Ryche pushes the boundaries of Sight, Sound & Imagination. 

As an Recording Artist, C.G. writes and produces all his own music. Music reviewer Travis Sabaitis quoted C.G. Ryche as "An unbelievable Composer, truly ahead of his time". Ryche's music has been performed by college marching bands on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, and is currently used by the US Marine Corp. to inspire the troops on foreign soil. His unique blend of Rhythm and Visionary Compositions can be heard in countless Cirque & Dance performances globally as well as many Motion Pictures. C.G. Ryche - Echoes of Silence live concert DVD was produced by C.G. Ryche Films & Vanishing Point Entertainment and has been acclaimed by PBS as “A Must see for the Whole Family!” and currently airs successfully nationwide on public television.

C.G. is international known as one of the most exciting and innovative percussionists today, and was called a “Master Percussionist” by Remo Inc., performing for many Nationwide Tours, Top Drum Festivals, National DVD releases, and Television Appearances. Ryche is also a renown drum choreographer that has been hired to choreograph drumming for the NFL, The Walt Disney Company, Hewlett-Packard, Hollywood Pictures, PBS, National Touring Artists, Major MMA Events and Drum Festivals all over the US. As a speaker, C.G. has traveled the world to teach drumming & percussion, as well as the music industry and filmmaking to schools and hired engagements. 

C.G. Ryche is a sought after Film Director, Editor and Writer, helming many 7 figure projects for both motion picture industry and television. C.G. has helmed many film projects working with artists from, Ozzy, Linkin Park, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Jason Alden, Mana, as well as companies like Remo, Nascar, NFL, Paiste, Toyota, RONN Motor Group, Inc., PBS and Truality TV. C.G. is looking to inspire, empower and bless others with the beautiful gift of music.

C.G. currently is an Executive Officer for the zero-emission automaker RONN Motor Group, Inc., as acting CMO. C.G. is the creative force behind this multi-million dollar company and in charge of all creative, branding, media and graphics for RMG.



An Up Close & Personal interview with C.G. Ryche on who he is and his Faith in God.



"A Modern Day Pink Floyd" - John Radulovic / Producer for Showtime (Ray Donovan / House of Lies) 

"C.G. Ryche is a incredible percussionist that is inspiring to watch, a Stomp on Steroids".  - Jeffrey Willerth / Erthbound Entertainment 

"To refer to C.G. Ryche as a "Renaissance man" would be an understatement. The passions and interests of this gifted, consummate Artist run wide and deep. His talents are evident from the moment you meet C.G., or watch him stride confidently onto a concert stage, and have served him well, helping him to parlay his love and reverence for Music, Performance and Rhythms into a long and successful career that has inspired and educated a generation." - Daniel Glass / Author & writer for Modern Drummer Magazine 

"With a flair for the theatrical, Ryche is on to something that could be quite arresting".- Music Connection Magazine / August 2013 Issue 

"I’ve Worked with giants like Kenny Ortega in Vegas, Ricky Martin at the Grammy’s & Carlos Santana at the Olympics, and now seeing what C.G. is doing with his large productions on stage is really inspiring". - Chalo Eduardo / Master Percussionist & Drum Choreographer (Santana / Sergio Mendes) 

"C.G. Ryche is an amazing entertainer and one of the best drummers I've ever seen. His concert is a must see for the whole family" - Kenn Couch / PBS Affiliate - KVCR 

"Abosolutly amazing" - Steve Zamboni / NFL 

"A brilliant performer" Michael Eisner / Former CEO of The Walt Disney Company 

"One of my favorite artist, truely visionary!" - Donna Thorton  / DJ - KBSR 89.1FM 

"An unbelievable Composer,  truly ahead of his time" - Travis Sabaitis / Music Reviewer 

"I love C.G.'s music, I plan on working with him in the future" - Antoine Fuqua / Film Director (Training Day / Olympus has Fallen) 

"An amazing talent... mesmerizing!" - Stewart Irel / Universal Studios Hollywood